Golf Tips That Every Golfer Wants To Know

 Take a step back from the tee box and see the beauty of the golf course.

Look straight down the fairway and find the perfect landing space and see the ball already there. Keep your mind on the target. Line yourself up, breath deep and hit. See if your results aren’t better!

The biggest mistake golfer’s make is neglecting the needs of their putter To see your scores go lower and start enjoying the greens, invest in a very good putter that you really like-it’s more important than your driver. Buy a good putter!

The Most Important Club

Wedges are good around the green if you have to get the ball up in the air and over something-

But if the lie allows, take a 9 iron and stroke thru the ball similar to a putting stroke. This will create a “pitch and run” …much easier to get it close to the hole this way

No First Tee Jitters-

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Golfer’s Dream Corner

Chipping Better Around The Green

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